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QuOd eSt nEcEsSaRiUm EsT LiCiTuM
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Friday, February 7, 2014


Last time i watched Dhoom 2 All I wrote was .."Did a monkey get access to a typewriter again"...it was all Mr. Adonis and no brains!
But this time expectations galore..and boy!! did it live upto its hype...!!

If i wanted to find,you know,there are plethora of noticeable flaws.. but with a plausible suspension of belief..all i could perceive was appreciation..Appreciation for a man almost in his 50s..appreciation for the gravity defying stunts..appreciation for the barbie doll of bollywood..She is an amorous ball of Oestrogen...a dripping male fantasy...Gadzooks !..i knew i would get diverted into a completely different path, moment i start writing about "her"..So back to the track again...

No offence .but i never considered Aamir a 'great' actor..i mean i never came out of theatres saying wow...what great acting talents this man has..it was always his choice of scripts that took precedence over his acting skills..always!..But here..method actor that he is.. he looked good as an acrobat...he looked perfect as an autistic savant..schmaltzy when romantically involved with goddess 'kaamini'...perfectly sculpted contours of her female assets makes me want to venture in the world of literotica...Katrina eroticised the 70mm screen and roamed over it like a lascivious paint strokes of artists who conspire to arouse our beings in undeniable pleasures...phew! here i go again..diverted..

ehh..where was i..yeah.. so i was saying..Don't expect a "Dark knight" or else you will come out with "Dark knight rises" in your hand..Is it a mix of "Now you see me" and "the prestige"..let me tell you vociferously...NO it's not..it's a plain or more appropriately complicated and gooey bollywood flick...Just don't ask too many questions because you have to brace yourselves up for a bike that turns into a boat..that turns into a submarine and into a flying bike..So, Go have a smashingly good time..appreciate the beauty..Go malang malang dum dum malang malang..!.I am rambling now...I will shut up on a note.."One man's art is another man's porn..."...

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