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Saturday, February 1, 2014


...Visited my own blog-page after what could be described as slightly longer than Jesus lived..Found it covered with dust and cobwebs and here I am set to change all that.. .."

Woke up today to the news of tragic death of 19 year old Nido taniam..a North east guy who was lynched to death by local people in South Delhi... With a cup of tea in one hand and morning slumber in the other..it would have been easier to assume things and label it as a racist attack but instead of concentrating on the problem,i tried dwelling on the solution..i say "solution" and not 'solutions' because however hard i tried i could not propel my mind to make it plural..and only thing my mind could latch onto was.."Read Read and Read"...
We need to read fiction Books,Novels and articles.Why?...Because if my memory serves me right..We were popped out of creativity and Spontaneity..rather we were "educated" out of it..No offence ,But i am sorry to say, that a lot of junk is being churned out in our schools and colleges..Those syllabus/curriculum, for Godsake, are outdated.. If I am right..still those 10 men are trying to plough the same field which was already ploughed by 20 men in 10 days...its time we tell them..mate its been ploughed!..let go!..Could somebody please update them "Sirs,that fertile land is already been taken..We have built Parliament there and field has been rendered infertile now (Not by the constructed building of course, but by the clowns that run the show there!!).. its high time we include the chapters in our syllabus.."How to cope with the loss of somebody"..."How to respect a fellow human being".."Life after marriage"..."How to deal with love post economic-liberalisation"..."The umpteen lessons on life"...et cetera et cetera ... 
But I think this thought will be in "Pending Researching" or "Work in Progress(WIP)" for another 500 years...SLA breached!!..So what do we do?..We create our own make believe world of creativity..How do we do it?..Through fiction..!Because it teaches us the concept of "empathy"..it lets us interpret things and see it in broader horizon before branding anything on the basis of caste creed or sex...it will peel off the various layers that we are made of..make us appreciate the different formats that like everything we humans are made of..you.mp4..me.jpeg..they.xls and not expect everything and everybody to run with same quality. Stories makes us Child again and instils the same sense of spontaneity with better morals of judgement and an improvisational mindset. I heard a fascinating story recently and i cant end without telling it... "A little girl was in a drawing lesson.She was 6.She was at the back, drawing...The teacher said she hardly paid any attention but at this drawing lesson, she did.The teacher was fascinated and she went over and asked..."What are you drawing, kid?..The girl replied.."I am drawing a picture of God."..The teacher intriguingly said..."But Nobody knows What God looks like?"...The Girl replied..."they will... in a minute"...Thats, how spontaneous ,we are as a kid. 

 Read Fiction..Read Books!!

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