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Friday, May 2, 2014

                                                   "GYAAN"-If it were that simple,it would not be appealing.

Dear Diary,

I am not able to pigeonhole my feelings right now..I can't even call what I feel..
"a heartache"…mmm...it's too banal…
"melancholy"..naihh.. its too languorous…
"dormant" is closest I suppose…

Last evening sitting in the park, I saw few kids playing and I realized Kids are so much fun to watch ..driven curiosity..Sponataneous as an electron..Everything is new to them..Everything is self exploration..An active participant to knowledge rather than a mere recepient…And then they get to school!!

 While I was stumbling upo,n in my cell..I found this  words of wisdom..
In Mahabharata Yudhisthira is asked a question.."What is the greatest Wonder"..and Yudhisthira replies and remember, this answer was given 2000 years ago.."Everyday People die and rest live as if they are immortal'..That is the greatest wonder…
These two fleeting moments shaped the "gyaan" time ..I came back and immersed myself in black and white!!

From the moment we are a speck of travelling sperm in a womb, to the moment we actually cry our way out and announce our arrival  to the world, We are embroiled in difficulties..We are a mere puddle of beautiful mess..!!
And  we crawl and then walk-and immidiately we are labelled as early genius and then you learn to piss right into your mouth .With a cackling smile She says...Dekhiye jii, He did it! and Dad says: yeah he is so talented..! Don't buy into that crock of shit!..It's stupidity! Plain and simple!...But the point is, They are your parents.. No matter what you do, they will always support you.. Respect your Punching bags. Be with them.

There are imminent signs on the wall that says:"Make mistakes …It's okay!..Be your own moral compass.  In a nutshell, Be a kid. Be spontaneous. Be self explorative .You find the company boring, you are not laughing with them...Leave immidiately!..It's okay to be a bit selfish. Be around people who makes you laugh..With whom you enjoy having tender innocuous fights with…arguments , that had at first, led you to go into shell , but it was so innocent that you cry out their name in joy the first time you meet them after that incident, because you have completely forgotten and immidiately the feeling dawns on you.." Oh Shit.. Last night we had an argument!"….Be with them!.. You are most assured to have 80% of your zipped happy life!.. Guaranteed.

BE the main hero to some simpleton "brown eyes" rather than a sidekick to a gorgeously beautiful "blue eyes". Be the flame not the moth.

Marry outside your community..and Contrary to our parent's belief..Believe me,Your kids won't be aliens..infact they will be genetically more enhanced…The point is ,In 20 years if you are celebrating your daughter's 8th Birthday, You sure as hell should believe that you created this new life with the right person..That you are still around someone with whom you can be Stupid.. Because no matter what hand life deals you, how serious life gets, you still gotta have that one person you can be completely stupid with.!..
Yes indeed, We will still need to climb career ladders, face complicated aspirations ,live upto fake Social standards, hackneyed office hours ,wrinkles on our face ,uneven bowel movements but the difference would be to look forward to things you want to do in your life .Not those big monetary stuffs but the small simple pleasures of life!.
Art is not just a bourgeois decadence,So Appreciate beauty. Be with Nature. When you are alone, draw a map of imaginary place in your head and travel!
.Because whoever the fuck peddled this crock of wisdom was absolutely right.." He not busy being born, is busy dying"….

Bike, eat,  drink, talk, Ride the subway, Read, READ FICTION, make art, Tell your parents not to stress ,hug your mom, kiss your little sister ,Make out with your girlfriend, Make out with her more, and more, Take her on a picnic,
See a movie with her ,Have conversations with her around Nature amidst a fresh flowing river, Have a Party, Dance, Tell people your story, help people like street kids, help people like yourself, Draw more even if you suck at it..It does not need to be representative, just an abstract piece,Draw a naked person, Draw your girl friend naked, Run ,travel ,TRAVEL more,Skip….Yes I know it's lame, But whatever, that's the point.
This is for you all…Though i am not so kitschy.. Let me be blunt and say it outright that I MISS YOU ALL Deba BlakenytVivek AnandDurganandan SinghPratik A. GorAmarjeet KumarVishwajeet KumarRoopam JainArunima AhomShweta BhardwajShaloo YadavSwetima Bhartiall of you...As a matter of fact i would have categorised you all as Gang-wang but calling Names makes it much more poignant and closer.Isn't it?? Remember those pointless but exuberant adventures and journeys??..Ofcourse we all do.Now when i dig my far corners of mind ,i find that the only people that interests me are the Mad ones ..those dipped and rolled in craziness and insanity...The ones who are mad to live..mad to talk..desirous of everything at the same time..The ones that never Yawwn...And that's what i did with you all...!! kill me now but nobody even teeters on the perimeter of it like you all do...Lets catch up and LIVE again.