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QuOd eSt nEcEsSaRiUm EsT LiCiTuM
QuOd eSt nEcEsSaRiUm EsT LiCiTuM-tHaT WhIcH Is nEcEsSaRy iS LegAl

Sunday, April 27, 2014

                                        You Me and Five Bucks!!

....And the Octopus, with all his 9 tentacles unravelling his thoughts, spoke.." Expectation eventually is a disappointment.."…
His thoughts ironed his mind…his inner speech conveyed him something, which he has long een pondering over..
" Was he all along acting on whims rather than thoughts?". Did he believe on Fate rather than planning..?"…"Was he a neotenic nutcase who looked the world through the rose tinted glasses?"....
"…You ever heard of the Chaos theory, Miss Dolphin?" ..There ensued a conversation in the head of his head between him and the ever elegant Dolphin…
Chaos Theory is the idea that one occurence can lead to something seemingly unrelated. That there seems to be many random chaotic things happenning in our lives but somehow they could be related.
It's Science!
It tries to determine the underlying patterns in Chaotic systems.. Weather ,Oceans, Currents, Blood flow..that sort of things..
It seems there are few things more chaotic than those systems… the beat of a human heart…Speeding up, slowing down ,A pretty face , Flights of fantasy and "Expectations"!..They are erratic! But underneath all these everyday mess,There is infact a pattern,a truth. The truth is we choose to give them.. We choose to receive them! It transcends blood..It transcends the amount of time we know each other and spend together.. It transcends all the dirt that makes us human.. If you figure that out..Silly and neotenic Octopuses of the world has got nothing on you Miss Dolphin!...
He could now visualise in his head, the lips of Dolphin, fluttering few words…She herself has always been good at explaining everyday chaotic systems !
"…But Mr. Octopus, the point of diving in a lake is not immidiately to swim to the shore, but to be in the lake, to luxuriate in the sensation of water. You do not work the lake out. It's an experience beyond the thought. There is no competition here. You just need to let be and let the flow take you to the Shore"…..
While his inner self was still pontificating, a nudge brought him back to the reality…he let his glance fall upon her and could view her in all seemingly possible finer details.. Dolphin stood insouciantly ,with very little expression in her eyes.
Octopus: So, here you are, very well stitched, and in all your amplified details.
Dolphin: And here you are wearing your dishevelled and dumb look!..My amplified details and stitchings that you refer has more merit and admirers than your two scribblings put together and can garner more likes!
He didn’t know if she smiled while saying those words…May be ..may be not..!
The inherent tension between them was imminently visible while they seeped their coffee in Silence,staring at each other.
They dint speak a word yet it was the best conversation they had ,at the cost of five buck coffee…….!
You……Me and..The Five Bucks!