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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Last page of internet-part 2

                           The Last page of Internet(part 2)

.....And then the smoke frittered away… Gosh! What the hell was that..we looked at the sky..in gasp and awe yet frightened .. in disbelief yet hopeful.. in seething anger yet a rush of calmness.. in bewilderment yet ecstatic.. We could not believe our eyes..
There was this black smoke of artificial cloud with A “ Happy New Year” logo.

 It was a HOAX!.. We shivered in disbelief and ecstasy. What was going on? Did he really go this far to ensure all the commotion and din?
It was a planned event. Everything staged and organized by mr. President to make us realize the immensity of life.. to make us be a sitting duck sometimes, sailing in the calm waters and enjoying the exotic Nature..to make us GO SLOW in this age of accelerated life..to dwell in the luxury of PAYING ATTENTION in this age of burgeoning distraction…and to feel the urgency of SITTING STILL in this age of constant movement. He thought it’s the part of his job to ensure the same and he risked it all.either a Visionary or fool??

There were shouts of jubilation around. We got our second chance. Though Controversy remained about the approach of Mr. president, but the fact remained too, We did what we should be doing. We LIVED. Truly and happily in those three eventful days with a burst of optimism.

1st Jan 2015, 6:00 AM

The day stretched like an open meadow. I was going through a Wikipedia of emotion and I suddenly realized the importance of my dream.
There won’t ever be a last page of internet but let’s take an online-sabbatical now and then. Let’s observe what I would like to call as “Online Sabbath”, whereby for 24 hours or 48 hours every week we go completely offline to live among the alive and breathing people. Let’s make this a festival for our generation and the coming ones wherein we celebrate it with the same jest and fervor like we engage ourselves in Diwali and holi…farfetched??
Let’s develop a more attentive and appreciative eyes to it.let’s take a break for ourselves from our accelerated lives.
Let’s walk around the candlelit temples of Tibet or simply wander along the seafronts in Havana with music passing all around us…Let’s pause for those high cobalt skies and the flash of blue ocean…because sometimes making a living and making a life points in two diametrically opposite directions…again none of this is new. That’s what Shakespeare and ancient scholars were telling us centuries ago, but then Shakespeare never had to face 200 emails a day and from all I know, scholars were not on Facebook. Let’s not be the one who gives up meat,***, or wine than the chance to look on emails. Let’s not be the ones who takes a day off and spends it worried about all the extra stuff that’s going to crash down on him/her the following day, because at the end of the day what matters is not how much money you make but who you choose to spend it with.
Smiles and  Prosperity ,
Happy New Year

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