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QuOd eSt nEcEsSaRiUm EsT LiCiTuM
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Last Page of Internet

                                                      The Last Page of Internet
29th dec 2014
.. And I hovered my mouse to the weblink and clicked.. The page that popped up astonished me…It’s the end. It’s the last page of Internet. Washing that smirk off my face, I soliloqued :” How can there be an end to something which is apparently Infinite?”
Suddenly I woke up to the most awful noise I have ever heard. Hell! I was dreaming. But now I was drawn towards a shrill, scratchy, warbling, pulsating siren whose decibel was just on the verge of being painful. I had not even sufficiently rubbed the sleep from my eyes and breath to have even looked at the morning sun. I woke up in haste and ran outside with all my might to find the source of noise, but it was directionless.
it was coming from all directions ,everywhere. people were running around frantically like they had mosquitoes trapped in their ear wax. Every dog in the city was howling, adding a thousand dissonant harmonies to the already irritating noise in the air.
Oh! There we spotted it! Hovering above were those little demon looking drones emanating a disgusting shrill deafening alarm trying to convey something. They were all around…hundreds of them.
Suddenly a baritonic husky voice boomed out from them…
“Hello people, My Countrymen!
..Oh it’s our President , we wondered in bewilderment!
He continued poetically ..”I will steal the sun, keep it in my heart and start the day.. smile a lot from the eyes till it fades away..
Yes it’s life and that is wonder enough but it always fades away. Always!
Today or tomorrow sickness and death will come to those we love and Us; nothing will remain but stench and worms. Sooner or later we will be forgotten, and we shall not exist. Then Why make an effort and why go on living as if we are immortal?
We were all befuddled as to why all of a sudden he was contemplating the absurdity of life?
“..My beloved Countrymen- Our mother Planet is running a fever. And it might end us. Infact IT WILL END US...”
The sentence echoed like a wildfire in a forest. WHAM! .. the bomb was dropped. Nobody believed their ears. Perpetual whispers and hisses filled the environment.
“..Yes We ARE DONE. We have served the limited time allotted to us. A meteor will hit our planet earth exactly at 31st dec 11:43 PM..”
In a tick, a blanket of gloom devoured everybody. Melancholy everywhere. End of life. End of humanity.And I thought to myself.. “Was my dream somehow connected to this..?”
He continued, though now, it hardly gripped anybody’s attention..
“Somewhere Beyond right and wrong.. beyond the end and the beginning.. beyond life and Death,there is a garden, I wil meet you there..!”
Till we are born again..” And the voice waned to the bare minimum.
With trepidation and butterfly feeling..I went inside my room..letting out a sigh.. “Is this world going to be annihilated by a meteorite?”.. I was in a sort of transcendence akin to what is experienced in psychedelic drug trips or in deep meditation states. For a split second I thought I was dreaming but pinched myself back to the cruel existential reality.
My heart melted with rapture and I cried out and was silent. Deep Silence lasted a whole minute coz I dint have enough time. In a twinkling of an eye everything infallibly changed. Three days before the doomsday! Three days to uphold the beauty!
Everyone in the city instantly goes insane. Society crumbles. Crazed and senseless, mankind stops thinking. There is a universal blackout.
The day passes and society rearranges itself.. and Eventually but slowly people adapts to this ultimate day of reckoning.. the day when the entire human race will be wiped off the face of earth. Damn the bloody meteor!
A life that was moving 1000 miles per hour suddenly slowed down. In this chaotic time, the greatest luxury was actually the ability to go nowhere and do Nothing. It was a time for a quiet inward reflection that snapped all the past experiences into focus.
Few hiked..water,pine tress, cliffs,meadows..nothing mattered.All nature.Everybody walked a little ..dreamt very little. The World was now governed by “Nothing” and “Little”.
They slowed down..payed attention to small things..somehow came to terms with their eminent and inevitable ending
Environment was filled with music. It took them back to the days of hopes and dreams and poetry and childlike enthusiasm ..infact to everything,that the hectic whirlwind life snatched away in our rush to conquer the world.
“people –watching” became common. They went to the park..walked down the street..watched people engaging in rituals of caring people ,places or objects.The morning street cleaners with their brooms in their hands and a whistle of ecstasy on their lips..people walking dogs..Lovers attending to their gal’s busy hands in line at the icecream shops.
They paused…paused to smell the roses..Everything was romantically slow and engaged in art of stillness.
Then there were people who dint like bringing stillness to their life because they thought there will be plenty of time for stillness after death, when there is nothing else to do.
They ran wearing a Bluetooth headset with podcasts and ipods,read phone in the bathroom..read books while walking down the street..They wanted more data..more facts,,more fun and more LIFE ironically. Quality mattered and not the quantity.
Then there were people who went hopeless.. senile to say the least. They had lost enough time in their mad rush of creating a mark ..in their endless pursuit of nabbing the world. Those who never took few minutes outa everyday lives..or few days outa every season or few years outa their lives.Those like us who were making a living rather than making a life. Those who spent chasing something virtual ..shadowy and nonexistent. With all the Online time.. they lost enough on their offline self. Complete harakiri for them.
All they wished was a second chance ..Alas!
31st Dec 2014
Doomsday arrived. But people were busy with high cobalt skies and splash of blue ocean waves. Few listened to their favourite songs and dedicating few for their loved ones on Radio. Melancholy, as originally expected, was nowhere to be found because it was not mere three days but 259200 moments that they lived. Everybody became a Now-ist.
Everybody gathered outside to meet their end…It was 11:39 exactly.. We stared at the sky.. high on anticipation.. It seemed like a festival celebrating the beginning of an end.
Suddenly the sky was littered with smoke…We were blinded. We dint know what caused them. But We knew the end was around the block.. 4 minutes away. That smoke of death would engulf all and sundry.
And then the smoke frittered away…Gosh! What the Hell was that?.. we looked at the sky..in gasp and awe yet frightened .. in disbelief yet hopeful.. in seething anger yet a rush of calmness.. in bewilderment yet ecstatic... We could not believe our eyes…
..To be continued on 31st dec 2014

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